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Amusement, Social + Recreational

amusement, social and recreational building
Projects Nystrom understands the issues faced by the social and recreational building industry's construction process and building use. We are committed to finding the right solutions to each unique specification or challenge. Whether it is building safety, aesthetics or accessibility, Nystrom delivers products that are sure to meet your building needs.

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Part #: GE38/GE58/GE98

5/8 inch, 3/4 inch or 1-1/8 inch deep Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Scraping Function

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Part #: GD74

1-3/4 inch deep Aluminum Multiple tread options Dual tread flexibility

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Two-Part Ribbed Bar Abrasive Nosing

Part #: STTB

Ribbed stair nosing Cast-in Abrasive anti-slip technology 10 color options Aluminum extrusion

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Stainless Steel Corner Guard

Part #: CGSS

Standard corner guard Stainless steel Surface mount or recessed

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1-1/2" Round Vinyl Handrail

Part #: HRVE15-P

Round handrail Vinyl Extended mount ADA compliant

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Alpine Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Part #: FC-70

Architectural fire extinguisher cabinet Steel, aluminum, stainless steel or brass Mounting options

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Heavy-Duty Hinged System

Part #: PD/PDw

Hinged cover plate Thermal movement Surface mount Parking deck or floor 2" to 6" systems

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Heavy Duty Seismic Recessed System

Part #: PTX/PTXw

Center plate Thermal and seismic movement Recessed, block out installation Parking deck or floor 2" to 18" systems

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Elastomeric Twin Seal System

Part #: TMM/TMMw

Dual elastomeric seal Thermal movement Surface mount installation Floor-to-floor and floor-to-wall 2" to 6" systems 4 color options

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Seismic Slide System

Part #: FLC/FLCw

Slide plate system Seismic and thermal movement Block out installation Floor-to-floor and floor-to-wall 1" to 6" systems

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Parking Deck Compression Seal

Part #: PDM

Parking deck seal +/- 50 movement, 100% total 1/2" to 4" systems Sikasil WS-295 Deck Gray

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Seismic Compression Seal

Part #: SES

Seismic joint cover +/-50% movement, 100% total Wall or ceiling application 1/2" to 12" systems 12 color options

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Hydrostatic Compression Seal

Part #: MES

Underwater seal 10 feet to 30 feet head pressure +/-25% movement, 50% total 1/2" to 4" systems Dow 748 White

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Security Roof Hatch

Part #: RHS

Security roof hatch Steel or aluminum Optional mortise or detention grade locks Ladder, ship stair or service stair access

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Equipment Roof Hatch, Double Leaf

Part #: RHE-D

Equipment hatch Steel, aluminum or stainless steel Double leaf door

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Double Door AcousticMAX™ 50 Smoke Vent

Part #: SVY

Acoustical smoke vent STC 50 - OITC 39 Double Leaf Door Steel UL Listed, FM Approved

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