Nystrom was founded in 1948 by James C. Nystrom as an independent representative for a variety of building product manufacturers. Nystrom’s history has since been one of firsts in the industry, from our marketing approach to manufacturing, all focused on simplifying and streamlining processes to serve customers.

In 1989, Nystrom revolutionized access panel distribution, providing direct access for contractors and allowing them to get the right product, right to site. Nystrom was also an early adopter of the “Theory of Constraints” in manufacturing, doubling production while reducing inventory more than half and reducing manufacturing lead times.

Nystrom has since continued the product line growth through acquisition, strategic partnering, and internal research and development to become the dominant U.S. player in commercial specialty building products with ten distinct product lines and a strong and growing international presence.

Timeline and Major Milestones

Nystrom History Timeline