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Seismic Elastomeric Wall & Ceiling System - Exterior Recessed Application (EWN/EWNw)

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This Elastomeric Exterior Wall and Ceiling System is a weather-resistant system that accommodates thermal and seismic movement. The visual seal matches many exterior building colors and the moisture barrier prevents exterior moisture or condensation from entering the wall cavity.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Integrated Moisture Barrier
  • Horizontal and Vertical Thermal Movement
  • Seismic Movement with Lateral Shear
  • Wall, Ceiling or Corner Installation
  • 4 Complementary Colors


Model EWN/EWNw
Material 6063-T6 Aluminum, Meets ASTM B209
Finish Mill
Movement Thermal: Horizontal and Vertical
Seismic: Lateral Shear
Mounting Recessed
Joint Size 2 inches to 6 inches
Length Extrusions - 10ft
Seal - Continuous
Application Exterior
Installation Wall or ceiling
Options Additional size and material options available upon request
Warranty 1 year

Order Guide

Use the table below to guide specification of available options. The part numbers are indicated in BOLD ORANGE text.

at mean T°F
EJN-EWN-200 Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling 2" (51mm) 2" (51mm) 2" (51mm)
EJN-EWN-300 Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling 3" (76mm) 3" (76mm) 3" (76mm)
EJN-EWN-400 Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling 4" (102mm) 4" (102mm) 4" (102mm)
EJN-EWN-500 Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling 5" (127mm) 5" (127mm) 5" (127mm)
EJN-EWN-600 Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling 6" (152mm) 6" (152mm) 6" (152mm)
EJN-EWN-200W Wall/Ceiling to Corner 2" (51mm) 2" (51mm) 2" (51mm)
EJN-EWN-300W Wall/Ceiling to Corner 3" (76mm) 3" (76mm) 3" (76mm)
EJN-EWN-400W Wall/Ceiling to Corner 4" (102mm) 4" (102mm) 4" (102mm)


NYSTROM warrants all Expansion Joint Systems to be free from manufacturing defects in materials, factory finishes, and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment.

Should a product fail to function in normal use within this period, Nystrom shall furnish a replacement or new part at Nystrom's discretion. Failure to use product in methods consistent with Nystrom product manuals shall relieve Nystrom of any liability. Our liability under this warranty excludes installation or removal costs involved in the product replacement and excludes any responsibility for incidental or consequential damage of any nature.

For information on a warranty claim, please visit our Warranty Support section or call 800 547-2635.

Warranty Support

Seal Colors

Beige White Gray Black


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Coming soon.
Description Model Shop Drawing CAD Revit/BIM Data Sheet 3-Part Specs LEED Installation Warranty
Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling EJN-EWN-200 PDF DWG PDF PDF PDF
Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling EJN-EWN-300 PDF DWG PDF PDF PDF
Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling EJN-EWN-400 PDF DWG PDF PDF PDF
Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling EJN-EWN-500 PDF DWG PDF PDF PDF
Wall/Ceiling to Wall/Ceiling EJN-EWN-600 PDF DWG PDF PDF PDF
Wall/Ceiling to Corner EJN-EWN-200W PDF DWG PDF PDF PDF
Wall/Ceiling to Corner EJN-EWN-300W PDF DWG PDF PDF PDF
Wall/Ceiling to Corner EJN-EWN-400W PDF DWG PDF PDF PDF