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Airline Louvers

A louver is a ventilation product which allows air to move through it while at the same time preventing unwanted items such as water, and dirt to pass through. Airline Louvers, a Nystrom brand, has a complete line of louvers to meet any need in the market.
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Circular Louvers (Vent Covers) seen on a building, built into a brick wall.


Hurricane Louver
  • Use in Florida’s High Velocity Zone
  • Miami-Dade Models Tested to TAS 201,202, and 203
  • Models Below are Dade-County or Florida Approved

Wind Driven Rain
Wind Driven Rain Louver
  • Utilized to keeping up to 100% of Rain out of Buildings
  • Used to protect Key Equipment from Elements
  • Variety of Blade Depths Available

Acoustical Louver
  • Utilized in Noisy Environments
  • Available in Variety of Sizes
  • Sound Insulated Louver

Drainable Louver
  • Prevents Water Penetration in Non Wind-Driven Rain Environments
  • Drainable Louvers
  • Collect Water in Blade Gutters & Channel to Downspouts
  • Available in Variety of Blade Depths & Angles

Storm Louver
  • Excellent Rigidity
  • Minimizes Wind Deflection
  • Available in Variety of Sizes
  • Multiple Blade Depths & Angles Available

Weather Louver
  • Clean Attractive Design
  • Available in Variety of Sizes
  • Recommended Where Water Penetration is Non-Critical

Equipment Screens
Equipment Screen
  • Inhibit vision of equipment
  • Protective barrier
  • Available in various blade styles

Brick Vent
Brick Vents

  • Constructed of .125 Extruded Aluminum
  • Standard Clear Anodized Finish
  • Ducts & Dampers Available as an Option

Thinline Louvers
  • Utilized for P.T.A.C. Units
  • Utilized in Decorative Applications
  • Extruded Aluminum (Durable)
  • Configurable Product

Louver Options
  • Flange Frames
  • Blank-Off Panels
  • Screens
  • Concealed Mullions
  • Extended Sills

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