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Roof Hatch Safety Kit

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Safety is a priority for us. To help keep people safer on your roofs, we're offering a FREE Roof Hatch Safety Kit to install on your roof hatch. The kit includes an easy-to-install retaining clamp to secure the hold open arm handle and a warning label that states to never use the hold open arm to pull the hatch cover closed.

Safety Guidance

  • Order the free Roof Hatch Safety Kit that includes an easy-to-install retaining clamp and warning sticker
  • Use Safety Railings, Ladder Safety Posts and Grab Bars on roof hatches.
  • Always keep roof hatches closed when not in use for egress.

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Take a photo of the installed retaining clamp and warning label on your roof hatch, send the picture to us and we'll send a gift card to say thanks!

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