Personnel II Roof Hatch

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The stock standard Personnel II Roof Hatch is redesigned with OSHA life safety in mind and provides easy access to roof areas. Available in select models, it's simple to install and operate, OSHA compliant, stays cooler and conserves energy.


  • Gas Spring Operation
  • Clear Labeling
  • Railing Ready


Model RHU
Material Steel: 14 gauge galvanneal
Aluminum: 11 gauge
Finish Powder coat (steel) or Mill (aluminum)
Color ANSI 70 Gray (steel)
Cover Formed metal cover with liner internally stiffened to withstand a live load of 40psf.
Curb Single wall curb with EZ tab counterflash and mounting flange with 5/8 inch and 3/16 inch holes
Insulation 1 inch polyiso R-6 in curb, 1 inch polystyrene in cover.
Gasket Extruded EPDM adhesive backed gasket seal, continuous around cover.
Spring Gas spring with damper for smooth, controlled, counterbalanced lift assistance.
Hinge Heavy-duty pintle hinge with stainless steel hinge pin.
Hold Open Arm Zinc plated steel automatic hold open arm locks cover in open position.
Latch Zinc plated steel slam latch with exterior and interior turn handles and padlock hasps; 20psf wind uplift.
Warranty Five (5) years

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G3630 A3630 36 x 30 Ladder
G3636 A3636 36 x 36 Ladder
G4848 A4848 48 x 48 Ladder
G3054 A3054 30 x 54 Ship Stair


Parts and Maintenance
Installing Rivnuts
Parts and Maintenance


Installing Rivnuts


Retro Kit
Personnel II Parts Shop Drawing (PDF)

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NYSTROM warrants all Roof Hatches to be free from manufacturing defects in materials, factory finishes, and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of shipment.

Should a product fail to function in normal use within this period, Nystrom shall furnish a replacement or new part at Nystrom’s discretion. Failure to use product in methods consistent with Nystrom product manuals shall relieve Nystrom of any liability. Our liability under this warranty excludes installation or removal costs involved in the product replacement and excludes any responsibility for incidental or consequential damage of any nature.

For information on a warranty claim, please visit our Warranty Support section or call 800 547-2635.

Warranty Support

Description Model Shop Drawing CAD Revit/BIM Data Sheet 3-Part Specs LEED Installation Warranty
Aluminum, 36" x 30" A3630 PDF DWG LINK PDF WORD PDF PDF PDF
Aluminum, 36" x 36" A3636 PDF DWG LINK PDF WORD PDF PDF PDF
Aluminum, 48" x 48" A4848 PDF DWG LINK PDF WORD PDF PDF PDF
Aluminum, 30" x 54" A3054 PDF DWG LINK PDF WORD PDF PDF PDF
Steel, 36" x 30" G3630 PDF DWG LINK PDF WORD PDF PDF PDF
Steel, 36" x 36" G3636 PDF DWG LINK PDF WORD PDF PDF PDF
Steel, 48" x 48" G4848 PDF DWG LINK PDF WORD PDF PDF PDF
Steel, 30" x 54" G3054 PDF DWG LINK PDF WORD PDF PDF PDF


Roof Hatches
Aluminum, Steel
Material Thickness:
11 gauge, 14 gauge
Mill, Powder Coat
Ladder, Ship Stair
Door Style:
Single Leaf