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Wall & Door Protection

Wall & Door Protection

Wall & Door Protection is an integral part of a commercial project to prevent damage and safeguard your building investment.  Choose from Nystrom’s complete product offering of corner guards, crash rails, handrails, bumper guards, and sheet wall.  Nystrom delivers on our promise of Right to Site

Metal Wall and Door protection pieces in a hallway. Prevents damage to walls and paint.


Corner Guards

Nystrom’s corner guards are an attractive and durable solution to protecting the edges of your walls.
Chair and Crash Rails

Protect your walls from the impact of carts and beds. The flexibility of Nystrom’s design provides almost limitless options with superior long-lasting strength.
Bumper Guards

A low profile solution for protecting walls from damage, available in a variety of widths and colors.

Provide stability and support for individuals along with functionality and design aesthetics required by building owners. Our handrails are ADA compliant and meet building code requirements.
Wall Coverings

Full sheet wall coverings are ideal for high-traffic areas. They are designed with color throughout the entire thickness to prevent scratches or dents from showing.
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