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Roof Hatches

Roof Hatches

Nystrom's Roof Hatch product offering includes a complete line of roof access and safety products that meet life safety and building code requirements.  With Nystrom Direct, we build our services around your specified needs.
A Nystrom Roof Hatch on top of a building, with a man walking through it for roof access from inside.



  • Provides safe and convenient roof access
  • All commercial, retail, schools, and more
  • Translucent dome cover avail. in clear and white
  • Natural daylighting


  • For applications with heightened security 
  • Banks, water treatment plants, prisons, etc.
  • Detention and mortise locks available


  • Used when installing and removing large equipment through a roof 
  • Stainless steel options for corrosive environments

Safety Accessories


  • Energy efficient insulation options
  • Custom finishes & colors
  • Pitch corrected curbs
  • Door position switch
  • Lock options

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