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Nystrom Stair Treads & Nosing CEU

Nystrom is pleased to offer an additional continuing education course "Stair Treads and Nosings: Specifying for safety, code compliance and ease of maintenance with Architectural Record. The article speaks to Nystrom’s continuing effort to work with architects and promote continuing education. Please check out our article to earn one AIA/CEW HSW credit.

Please visit this link to the article: http://continuingeducation.construction.com/article.php?L=192&C=937

After reading this article, you should be able to:
1. Differentiate and distinguish the elements of stair treads and nosings that make them safe and compliant with applicable codes and standards.
2. Identify the types of manufactured stair treads and nosings that are available including options to specify for best performance in particular applications.
3. Investigate and compare proper installation strategies on different types of new and existing stair construction.
4. Explore successful cleaning and maintenance methods required for ongoing safe and slip-resistant stair treads and walkways

Contact us at: 1-800-547-2635 for access to individuals with the tools and training to support your project.

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