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Entrance Flooring Systems
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Making the right choice in an entrance flooring system will maintain your design, add years to your floor’s life, ensure a safe entrance and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Entrance mats improve Interior Environmental Quality by stopping dirt from entering the building, improving Interior chemical and pollutant source control. Nystrom's complete line of Entrance flooring systems includes architectural metal grates, roll up grates, rigid grates and roll-up mats.


Architectural Grates

Architectural Grates

The sleek appearance, strength and versatility of these metal grates are an architectural favorite.

Architectural Metal Grates Include:

• proGRIL™ Stainless Steel
• eleGRIL® Stainless Steel
• alumaGRIL™ Aluminum

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Rigid Grates

Rigid Grate

Nystrom's Rigid Grates are ideal for high traffic areas as they are the strongest and most versatile grate with various tread options.

Nystrom's Rigid Grates include:

• GRATEdesign® Rigid Grate
• envIRONtreadII® Rigid Grate

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Roll-Up Grates

Roll-Up Grate

Ideal for medium traffic, Nystrom's Roll-Up Grates are strong, easy to clean and versatile with multiple tread options.

Nystrom's Roll-Up Grates include:

• GRATEdesign® Roll-Up Grate

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Roll-Up Mats

Roll-Up Mat

These lightweight Roll-Up Mats are easy to clean, ideal for light traffic and versatile with many tread options.

Nystrom's Roll-Up Mats include:

• QuietFLEX® Roll-Up Mats
• MATdesign® Roll-Up Mats
• MATrac™ Roll-Up Mats
• MAXtread™ Vinyl Mats
• MAXgrid™ Vinyl Mats

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Browse the selection of frame styles available for each entrance flooring system.

• Surface Mount
• Level Bed
• Deep Pit

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Finish & Tread Options

Tread Options

Learn about the finish and tread options offered to customize your entrance flooring mats and grates. Available tread functions include scraping, absorbent and slip-resistant.

• Color Anodized Finish
• Treads

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